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Baseball National Accolades

NCAA Division III Player of The Year (ABCA)
Name Position Year(s)
Chris Delarwelle Third Base 1990  
Tim Jorgensen Shortstop 1994, 1995 
Vince Mancuso Outfield 2003  
NCAA Division III All-America (ABCA)
Name Position Year(s)
Jeff Carl Shortstop 1979   Second
Jeff Carl Shortstop 1981 First
Brian Cashore Outfield 1986 Third
Troy Cota Pitcher 1985   Third
Chris Delarwelle Third Base 1989, 1990 First
Tom Gardner Shortstop 1991  Second
Don Garvey Second Base 1991 First
Mike Gasper Pitcher 1994 Third
Tom Gessner Outfield 2000 Third
Craig Glysch Pitcher 1998 First
Craig Glysch Pitcher 1999 Third
Kevin Grater Pitcher 1998 Third
Mark Gullickson Pitcher 1988 Third
Craig Henderson Pitcher 1981 First
Steve Hopfensperger Pitcher 1991 Third
Tom Jaremko Outfield 1983, 1984 First
Jeremy Jirschele Second Base 2004, 2005 First
Terry Jorgensen Outfield 1985 Second
Terry Jorgensen Outfield 1986, 1987 First
Tim Jorgensen Shortstop 1994, 1995 First
Bobby Kachel Outfield 2013 Second
Tyler Kamps Second Base 2013 Third
Andy Kimball Pitcher 1996
Andy Kimball Pitcher 1997
Casey Kopitzke Catcher 1998 Second
Casey Kopitzke Catcher 1999 First
Chad Kopitzke Pitcher 1992 First
Rusty Kryzanowski Third Base 1986 Second
Craig Lieder First Base 1995 First
Aaron Luepke Third Base 1998 Second
Vince Mancuso Outfield 2003
Scott Mann Outfield 1993 Third
Pat McDonald Designated Hitter 1987 Third
Pat McDonald Third Base 1988 Second
Pat McDonald Outfield 1989 Third
Dan Miller Shortstop 1986 First
Kevin Mlodik Pitcher 1995 Second
Erik Morrell Outfield 1997, 1998
Sean Parnell Outfield 1999 Second
Phil Pelky Outfield 1981 First
Kevin Reichardt Shortstop 1985  Third
Kevin Reichardt Shortstop 1987 First
Aaron Richartz Third Base 1992, 1994 First
Aaron Richartz Third Base 1993 Third
Bruce Schreiber Shortstop 1988 Third
Eric Servais Third Base 2000 Third
Bob Stocker Pitcher 1985 First
Rusty Tiedemann First Base 1987 Second
Jordan Timm Pitcher 2003
Colan Treml Pitcher 2018
Jarrod Washburn Pitcher 1995 Second
Luke Westphal Pitcher 2011 Third
Tony Wilber First Base 1982 First
Tony Wilber First Base 1983 Second
Dan Wnuk Second Base 1984 Second
Ned Yost First Base 2005 Second
Jeff Zappa Outfield 1995 Second
Jeff Zappa Outfield 1996
NCAA Division III All-America (
Name Position Year
Tyler Kamps Second Base 2013 Third
Luke Westphal Pitcher 2011
NAIA All-America
Name Position Year
Brian Felda Outfield   1971 (First Team)
Jim Gantner Shortstop 1973 (Honorable Mention)
Mark Hinske Outfield 1973 (Honorable Mention)
Pete Koupal Catcher 1973 (Honorable Mention)
Andy Pascarella Second Base  1976 (Honorable Mention)
Lee Wyngaard Catcher  1976 (Second Team)